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Play, Watch, Fight, Earn, Monetise and More... Live Streaming is about to explode

The Forevver Association is proud to share our latest LaunchPad token TAUNT.

Get ready it’s coming soon 

What is TAUNT

Why this is a Game Changer

In an era where pixels meet personalities, and entertainment transcends the screen, gaming must evolve alongside the proliferation of live streaming to forge deeper connections, empower player agency, and revolutionize the interactive entertainment experience. While the quality of content production has increased over time – such as the graphics in a sports broadcast, the methods of engagement with the audience have conceptually remained stagnant since texting in votes for your favorite singer on TV.

We’ve seen some viral sensations such as “Marbles on Stream” over the past years attempt to integrate interactivity between content creators and their audience to bring them directly into the gaming experience. However, largely due to data fragmentation between the game server, the broadcaster and the audience – these attempts are still very much a one way “stream”. In many ways we can compare this to the read only internet or “web1.0”. 

As a game developer or live broadcast team, integrating the TAUNT Network tools for tokenized live engagement presents an unprecedented opportunity to create a conduit of real time, bi-lateral communication, uniquely enabled by blockchain. Not simply between the broadcaster and the audience, but even directly connected to the game content itself – in real time. This new class of digital experience will dramatically enhance player interaction, create innovative new UCG game designs, foster a vibrant community, and ultimately drive revenue – for the creators, consumers and developers.. 

The TAUNT token powers the Taunt Network’s tools and infrastructure that will provide this value added service, plus direct integrations into interactive experience in video games, such as the proof of concept game – Battleworld. Enabled by the powerful DevvE Ecosystem, with its scalability, ease of integration and interoperability with traditional systems to enable Taunt Network tooling, The Forevver Association are extremely excited to be partnered with the Taunt Network team to drive the future of live entertainment experiences in GameFi and GambleFi.

For more information on the Taunt Network and the TAUNT token, check out our recent AMA with Taunt Network CEO Jeff

Taunt Token Sale


📅 Public Sale Round: on DevvE LaunchPad – TBC

📅 DevvDrop Final Qualification for Staking: on DevvE LaunchPad – TBC

📅 Massive TAUNT Airdrop:  – TBC

📅 Huge Partner Announcements – TBC

And save the date for the TGE and exchange listing also TBC (all dates are dependant on the outcome of ongoing negotiations with several large exchanges and may be subject to change)

The sale will be open to all eligible DevvE Stakers. There are standard jurisdictional restrictions which include residents of the US.

All participants will be required to complete a 1 time KYC check that will be tied to their wallet.

We’ll release clear instructions on exactly what you need to do to be fully prepared ready to request your allocation and pledge on day 1

Restricted Jurisdictions:

American Samoa
Congo (the Democratic Republic of)
Congo (the)
North Korea
South Sudan
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States of America
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)

The TAUNT sale will be conducted on the DevvE LaunchPad and supported by a number of LaunchPad partners. Those wishing to secure an allocation for the sale will need to stake their DevvE tokens on the platform. More information regarding staking is available in an insight article here

If you are ready to stake, you’ll find the link to the LaunchPad in the menu above

A full and detailed breakdown of the tokenomics and the amount of tokens available for the Public Sale is outlined in the TAUNT Litepaper. This will also be clearly displayed on the LaunchPad platform.

TAUNT social media links which include Twitter and Telegram channels can all be found below along with links to the Whitepaper, Battleworld game and other useful information