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DevvE is the worlds fastest, smartest, most scalable and affordable layer 1.

What we do

We make the impossible possible.

DevvE represents the embodiment of all of the promises made by blockchain technology over the past 10 years. Unlike other Layer 1 cryptocurrencies DevvE is truly capable of delivering business enablement and value creation at scale and in ways that make sense for any business. Our infrastructure is market leading, uniquely suited to widespread adoption and directly addresses compliance and cost. To put this in perspective DevvE is not only capable but fully intends to be the world’s token for creating, owning, and transferring value. DevvE will be a payment mechanism for buying and selling assets, an exchange mechanism for exchanging assets, and a verification mechanism for creating assets.

DevvE for institutional investment


DevvE for value creation

Value creation

DevvE for product market fit

Product market fit

DevvE for value realisation

Value realisation

DevvE - for investors

We support

Institutional investment

The Forevver Association will leverage DevvE to seed the evergreen fund via institutional ESG investors. The purpose of the fund is to selectively invest in promising ESG startups which will grow and in turn deliver further opportunities for our institutional partners and drive greater value for the DevvE ecosystem.

DevvE - creates value

We drive global

Value creation

From ESG impact assets to payment rails and interoperability DevvE can connect investors, builders, businesses and people in a way that redefines value. We enable everyone to create, share and leverage assets and solutions seamlessly.

DevvE - Drives product market fit

We provide

Product market fit

DevvE unlocks opportunity and aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and socially responsible impact investments and value delivery. We remove barriers relating to accountability and transparency and leverage these impacts with our technology to drive growth on global scale for both ESG and the Web3 market. All of this can be achieved while supporting the growing requirement for regulatory compliance.

We focus on

Value realization

DevvE’s value realization is multifaceted, encompassing its utility as a transaction medium, ecosystem growth, adoption and network effects, ESG impact, and value capture for stakeholders. By addressing market demands, facilitating ecosystem growth, and driving social impact, DevvE aims to realize and deliver value to its diverse range of stakeholders.

Supporting our vision

Strategic partnerships

DevvE is actively engaged in ongoing partnership development and would welcome approaches from prospective government or enterprise stakeholders.

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