The Next Evolution of Blockchain Gaming

The Forevver Association is proud to share the inaugural LaunchPad token FIAS.  

What is FIAS

About the Token

In 2023, LitCraft: Nysperience was ranked the 2nd best Blockchain based game in the world by Cointelegraph. Shortly afterwards the game was listed in both the Apple and Google app stores. In 2024 after several years of software development and decades of authoring the lore behind LitCraft, we are finally ready to take the next step in our journey. LitCraft and the wider DFE (Digital, Financial Ecosystem) have engaged the Forevver Association to bring FIAS to market which will further enable players, creators and stakeholders to tap into and better leverage this dynamic and exciting ever expanding universe.

LitCraft – the IP underpinning LitCraft: Nysperience, is a sprawling realm of fantasy and science fiction, a tapestry woven with magic and marvels. For over a decade, the lore behind this expansive universe has been meticulously crafted, promising not only immersive games, captivating artwork, and gripping tales, but also ambitions that stretch into the realms of metaverses, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and even cinematic experiences.

The vision for FIAS within the LitCraft universe is as expansive as the universe itself. FIAS isn’t just a token; it’s a conduit for realizing the grand vision of empowering individuals across both virtual and real-world landscapes.

At its core, FIAS represents more than just a currency; it symbolizes freedom, creativity, and opportunity. It serves as a bridge between the fantastical realms of LitCraft and the tangible world, enabling users to not only engage in thrilling gaming experiences but also to participate in a broader ecosystem of value creation.

In the realm of gaming, FIAS facilitates a diverse array of experiences, from casual games to cutting-edge virtual realities. As users embark on quests, solve puzzles, and conquer challenges, they can collect or create a range of assets which can be traded for FIAS tokens. Guilds are also an essential component of the environment which also require FIAS to operate. These and many other components serve to establish a tangible connection between players’ digital achievements and real-world value.

Beyond gaming, FIAS is poised to revolutionize digital economies by integrating with various real-world assets and efforts. From tokenized representations of environmentally sustainable initiatives (ESG tokens) to virtual manifestations of labor in gig economies, FIAS facilitates the exchange of value in ways previously unseen.

Competitive Advantages:

 Our Blockchain Tech: Over 8 Million TPS & 1/10,000,000th cost of Ethereum.

 Simple Integration: Digital representations of value – such as NFTs can be easily created, and entire game inventories can be bridged into the DFE in a very simple way – with no blockchain experience. We will be able to out grow any other blockchain ecosystem. 

 Industry Experience: Proven business model that’s been successfully executed before

 Marketplace Ready Infrastructure: Not only to enable full scope of the token utility, but the architecture is compliant with Apple, Google and Steam stores.

 Depth of IP: The LitCraft Universe has been crafted for over a decade. There is a massive amount of lore around society and magic behind that can be explored in a variety of engaging entertainment experiences. The book – Grant Beagan (available as an NFT on Glassblock – the marketplace) details this world in a vivid capacity.


Nb *LitCraft is the name of the IP and the game developer. Nysperience is a collection of games LitCraft are developing. Forevver owns the rights for Fias and the DFE which is the infrastructure that enables the web3 functionality across all LitCraft Universe/Metaverse IP that is not limited to Nysperience.


For more information please read the Whitepaper. 

FIAS Token Sale


📅 Private Round Sale:

May 4th – May 11th ($0.071 per $Fias) – 5pm UTC

📅 Public Sale Round:

May 31st – June 7th ($0.08 per $Fias) – 5PM UTC

And drumroll, please 🥁… save the date for the TGE and exchange listing on June 11th! 

The sale will be open to all eligible DevvE Stakers. There are standard jurisdictional restrictions which include residents of the US.

All participants will be required to complete a 1 time KYC check that will be tied to their wallet.

We’ll release clear instructions on exactly what you need to do to be fully prepared ready to request your allocation and pledge on day 1

Restricted Jurisdictions:

American Samoa
Congo (the Democratic Republic of)
Congo (the)
North Korea
South Sudan
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States of America
Virgin Islands (British)
Virgin Islands (U.S.)

The FIAS sale will be the first of many conducted on the DevvE LaunchPad. Those wishing to secure an allocation for the sale will need to stake their DevvE tokens on the platform. More information regarding staking is available in an insight article here

If you are ready to stake, you’ll find the link under the Ecosystem Tab in the menu above

A full and detailed breakdown of the tokenomics and the amount of tokens available for the Public Sale is outlined in the FIAS whitepaper. This will also be clearly displayed on the LaunchPad platform.

FIAS social media links which include Twitter and Telegram channels can all be found below along with links to the Whitepaper, LitCraft game and other useful information