DevvE LaunchPad and Staking

15 April 2024



The DevvE Launchpad offers staking opportunities exclusively for DevvE token holders, but with a unique twist: staking DevvE tokens not only unlocks membership tiers and grants access to various benefits, but our development roadmap also provisions for staking to provide rewards from tokens launching on the DevvExchange.

Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to ensure the information that follows is accurate, the staking and launchpad platform is under development and is still being tested. We are confident that should any changes be necessary they will be minor and will be communicated ahead of the launch.

Staking $DevvE enables access to the launchpad membership tiers, guaranteeing project allocations and access to exclusive staking promotions.

The unique twist for impactful future rewards: $DevvE holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards not only for projects launched through the Launchpad but also for tokens that debut on the DevvExchange!

By staking DevvE tokens, holders gain exposure to a diverse range of projects, including those launching on DevvExchange. This diversification potentially boosts staking rewards.

Genesis NFT: Long-term stakers receive a Genesis NFT, providing governance privileges and exclusive deals, reinforcing the benefits of staking.

Read more about the specific details of our staking programs below.

The DevvE launchpad represents the convergence of innovative project developers, with our engaged DevvE community, who are eligible to receive ground-floor access for early-stage cryptocurrency launches that leverage our launchpad services and potentially our powerful blockchain ecosystem. Our launchpad is open to help incubate all types of projects across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and multiple blockchains — we are not limiting the scope of our launchpad to only DevvE ecosystem products.

Our launchpad uniqueness

Our main compelling differentiator for other launchpad services, other than access to our powerful blockchain technology for those who want to leverage it, is the curation and incubation services we make available through our Swiss non-profit organization — The Forevver Association. With a team of highly skilled venture capitalists, industry experts, and legal framework to launch a cryptocurrency, we will offer the best opportunities for project founders to execute their vision to build high-quality and compliant applications, long after their launch.

We’ve abstracted the complexities of building blockchain technology solutions within our blockchain ecosystem which is readily accessible to the 27+ million web developers. We will bring that same philosophy toward the ease of deployment for all developers who are launching a cryptocurrency via our Launchpad Services that can provide complete assistance across technical, legal, partnerships, and marketing aspects of the process that’s required.

For DevvE token holders, we have created an intuitive platform where users can research and participate in well-curated and incubated token offerings with the expertise of the Forevver Association beside them. The notoriety we expect this to bring as we unveil the full scope of our technology, products, and ecosystem partners, will portray the enterprise potential we hold and propel the DevvE Launchpad and our services as a market-leading solution for launching a cryptocurrency.

Integrated benefits for stakers with the DevvExchange launch

The DevvE community is aware of the upcoming DevvExchange (that’s still in stealth mode at the time of this article) and some of the ways it will change the landscape of digital asset exchanges and firmly place us in the T1 exchange category — perhaps a new “Platinum T1” label will be warranted. We envision that tokens coming through our launchpad processes will be presented with a pathway toward listing on our exchange. We will also provide listing services on other exchanges as required. However, it’s our firm belief that when the scope of our backing behind the exchange hits the news, the top projects in crypto will have a compelling reason to want to work with us and our launchpad to entitle them to a listing.

We understand the DevvE ecosystem as the one-stop-shop for every requirement a project would need to consider as they work toward commercialization, and we expect the Launchpad to be an additional driver towards bringing developers into our ecosystem. Again, however, we are not exclusive and will provide our launchpad services for all projects that have specific requirements and designs around other blockchains.

The initial Launchpad Blockchain/s will be EVM compatible

Forevver has made the decision to focus on Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains for the initial stages of the Launchpad. The obvious benefits are frictionless listings on current exchanges as well as simple wallet and distribution options. In the future, we will open up for native token listings which will be supported by our infrastructure and exchange, and port the smart contracts that power the platform to DevvExchange.

What will remain exclusive to DevvE, is the token which is at the core of our launchpad operations. To gain access to the ground floor with the innovators launching by our side, you must stake DevvE for a Launchpad Membership. The launchpad will also be the home of DevvE Staking Promotions, where DevvE token holders, and the token holders of newly launched cryptocurrencies, will be able to engage in promotional activities through various methods such as staking — even when it’s not a proof of stake cryptocurrency.

So, let’s introduce to you our vision for the DevvE launchpad which we are preparing to launch in April 2024. This article will cover our current vision for the platform which also includes the home of DevvE token staking.

*Nb The information that follows may be subject to change as the platform and legalities are still being finalized. We will update and provide any amendments prior to launch.*

The Launchpad for developers:

The DevvE Launchpad

We would first like to note the difference between the “Launchpad’’ and the “DevvE Innovation Grant Shard’’. Recently, we announced the Innovation Grant where projects are now eligible to apply to receive access to a shard and potential funding from the Forevver Association, where they can create or refine their concepts for highly innovative project designs with incubation within our experienced team. There is a strong potential for these two products to work together.

Launchpad applications will come from independent cryptocurrency projects who are building new, or porting existing web2 applications into any blockchain ecosystem and require a native token for unlocking their application’s utility functions. There are three main ways a project may engage with the DevvE Launchpad:

  1. Listing via Launchpad Services
  2. Listing via Community Governance
  3. Projects Seeking Initial Seed & Strategic Round Investment


From the Launchpad’s launch, we will initially focus on our Launchpad Service offering which includes an end-to-end “launch-as-a-service” with assistance across token design, legal, partnerships, and marketing. This is a simple way for all developers to navigate all the complexities associated with launching a token. In certain cases, after the Forevver Association does our due diligence on cryptocurrencies from outside projects that are launch-ready, we will also be able to fast-track them to launch where such involvement is not required.

Launchpad Governance Council

In the near future, we will create the Launchpad Governance Council. This committee, composed of DevvE stakers and those who hold the Genesis NFT (to be described later in this article), will be responsible for conducting due diligence and voting on projects that the community would like to see launched. This council will not be available at the time of the first launch, however, we will be offering a Staking Promotion to earn the free Genesis NFT that gives holders a full council membership for being the first on the platform and supporting the DevvE ecosystem.

Additionally, we’ll provide a facility for connecting projects seeking Seed & Strategic round investment (via tokens or equity) to get their ideas off the ground. These offerings will only be available to top-tier DevvE stakers, the Forevver Association, and our network of VCs.

Project Application and Discovery

The Forevver Association will break down the application phase into clear targets that need to be achieved to reach a token launch date. Initial applications will not be limited to fully functional products with all of the associated materials, however, any successful application will need to clearly demonstrate the design and goals for the launch. There will be a standardized form on the Launchpad website where projects can go to apply.

Once the project has matured into a complete offering, users will be presented with all the information they need to know for participation. By the time an ICO is presented, the community will have clear visibility of:

  • The project outline
  • The market they’re in & problem they solve
  • How their product creates the solution
  • Why is blockchain necessary to achieve this solution
  • Tokenomics & utility
  • Sale information
  • Additional supporting content

We’ll describe the exact process for participation a little further into this article, however, we will also create easy-to-follow video guides that will ensure everyone understands the process clearly. We will also have dedicated social media and announcement channels where you will be able to follow all the upcoming launches and developments.

Launchpad Memberships

At the core of the platform is the DevvE token and the membership features it unlocks through “Staking” and “Locked Staking”. We’d like to preface that staking in the DevvE ecosystem has nothing to do with a Proof of Stake protocol, it’s just a simple agreement to lock up your tokens for a specified period in return for a product, service, or reward.

*As previously mentioned this is still being evaluated and may be subject to change.

Membership Tiers

*Above is an example of how this might be structured. We are in the process of refining the details alongside the platform development and will update this article with actual numbers as soon as possible before the launch.

Staking DevvE grants you membership access to user benefits within one of the 5 launchpad tiers as displayed above. All users who stake a minimum of 1000 DevvE will have a guaranteed allocation for private round sales. Users who stake just 1 DevvE will be able to register for a private sale allocation by lottery ticket and will open up access to the staking promotions platform.

There will be a mandatory 30-day lock on staking DevvE tokens to grant a user their membership access and privileges are granted immediately upon the lock. Once the 30 days have expired, tokens are available to unlock at any time and you will still maintain your membership tier benefits, until you actually select the option to un-stake. Unstaking will revoke all membership privileges immediately.

Locked Staking

Locking your DevvE tokens for a predefined amount of time will earn the user an additional weighting multiplier towards their private sale allocations and passively gain access to staking promotion and the subsequent “passive pool”. Passive Pools will be described later in this article, but is important to understand the broader incentive to locking up a stake.

Additional Weighting Bonuses for Private Sales via locked staking:

3 month = +40% weighting

6 month = +80% weighting

9 months = +120% weighting

*We may consider adding longer-term locks with higher weightings if the community wants them.

Exactly how these weightings are applied will be made clearer in the “Allocations” section below.

We have designed these staking mechanisms, in combination with our passive pools, to equally incentivize those choosing to lock their stake which reduces the circulating supply, as much as upgrading their membership tier. We believe long-term supporters of DevvE should receive additional allocations to reflect their support.

This method incentivises users to both increase their membership tier with additional tokens, and the removal of tokens from circulation, especially when highly anticipated launches occur.


User A in Tier 2 who has locked 1000 DevvE for 9 months (a 2.2x multiplier) will receive a slightly larger private sale allocation than User B in Tier 3 above who has 3000 DevvE staked, without a lock. User B with 3000 DevvE will retain their higher public sale allocation. User B retains the option to lock their tokens up at any time.

Locking your stake can be done at any time and there is no limit to the amount of tokens that can be locked. We will give the option for the user to keep their stake locked for the full-time period (not counting down) as a convenience tool to not worry about losing their locked staking privileges (passive pools) by allowing their stake to expire. More active users will be able to manually re-initiate a lock at any time — even down to the last minute to keep their options open. Users will also be able to increase the size and duration of their initial stake to upgrade the membership tier, however, you will not be able to reduce it until the staking program has expired.

Additional Notes

The (T1) Seedling Tier is a low barrier to entry to give everyone the opportunity to participate in public sales and to gain access to the Staking Promotions section through the same mechanisms as the higher tiers. However, this does NOT grant access into the passive pool but will allow access to active pools, to be described in more detail below. Additional weighting bonus from staking does not apply to lottery ticket winners — it will always be a flat 1x Allocation.

“Guaranteed Allocation” refers to the minimum allocation that will be reserved for you as a user. You will still be able to indicate your interest in participation (in $USD) that is a higher or lower amount than this value. Any higher amounts cannot be guaranteed but will have full priority.

Staking additional DevvE within a tier (eg, 1001 tokens vs 2000 tokens, both staking for 9 months) does not open additional allocations for a private sale, however, it has a greater allocation for staking promotions that are linear to the number of tokens staked.

We understand that tier allocations are weighted more towards fairer distributions for our platform partners at launch, rather than heavy weightings toward large token holders. This is designed to promote more sustainable launch economics. Large token holders will have exclusive access to Seed and Strategic rounds where greater token issuances can be purchased, subject to appropriate vesting schedules.

Allocations Formula
An “allocation” in a private or public token sale is defined as the maximum number of tokens you are permitted to purchase, at the set token price. You do not need to purchase the entire allocation if it’s greater than you intend to purchase and any remaining tokens will be made available in a final FCFS round after all the guaranteed allocations have been assigned.

“One allocation” is a constant across all participants in a sale, however, the number of allocations is dynamic across different sales which have a different number of participants and amount to be raised. As mentioned previously, a user could affect the number of allocations they’re entitled to compared to other users by locking their stake or upgrading their membership tier.

1 Allocation = $Raise / Total Allocations

User Allocation = Base Allocation * Modifier * 1 Allocation

We just have one pool per raise (Private Sale = 1 Pool, Public Sale = 1 Pool, etc), that is divided between users using this formula. As previously mentioned, this is designed to create a fairer distribution at TGE.

At this stage, we have no plan to cap the maximum number of participants through whitelist registrations, however, we are aware of the topic and will open this for community discussion and governance as it becomes relevant to maintain appropriate allocation sizes.

Vesting Schedules

Vesting schedules for private and public sales will be described on a project’s sale page.

Staking Promotions

Staking Promotions are a way for us to reward the DevvE staking community and for newly launched projects to engage in promotional activities to foster their newly found supporters straight out of the box after launching as part of our launchpad services. Staking rewards for DevvE are mostly passive in nature and provide an incentive for simply having your DevvE locked up in stake. This is purely additive to the tokens a user has already staked for membership access.

Staking Promotions will take the user’s total number of locked DevvE into consideration as a % of the total pool, without any additional tier multipliers. This is designed to incentivize users who wish to increase their stake size to get larger allocations of passive rewards.

“Passive Pools”

The DevvE launchpad expects to retain a % of the token supply from projects coming through the launchpad process as part of our launchpad fee. This % will be entirely distributed to all locked DevvE stakers to form our passive staking pools. These distributions will be paid out in native project tokens. Users have the option to further compound these if there are any “Active Pools” that are available for staking native tokens.

Example: There are 4 million tokens total locked in DevvE staking, and User A has locked 5000 DevvE. There is a passive pool that has 200k tokens reserved to distribute in the passive pool and the token price at launch is $1.

In this example, it works out to be either a “5% APY”, or a “$200k token giveaway” depending on the phrasing of promotion and the legal requirements facing those types of activities. If a user is registered for this pool, their tokens will be claimed in their Launchpad account as tokens vest over over 10 months — or the length of the promotions.

As the volume of projects coming through the launchpad ramps up as we expect, this may create a substantial opportunity for DevvE stakers as multiple concurrent pools are vesting to DevvE stakers, from a large variety of all projects we launched over the passive pool vesting period. We are essentially parallelizing the addition of passive pools at a set interval (TBD — but for the following example case, let’s consider there’s a new pool every fortnight). There is no limit to the number of passive pools a user can join and considering the tokens from our first example, if 1 new pool was created a fortnight, that would be equivalent to 20 concurrent pools at the time vesting of the first pool will end. 20×5% APY = 100% — not taking into consideration any price appreciation

This is just an example to demonstrate the methodology behind the calculations — this is not an estimation or a prediction. It’s impossible to predict with many extraneous factors around the number of project launches and user behavior. What is important here to note with this system is the relationship between what we’re calling “APY” and total DevvE staked where if one goes down the other goes up.

But to take this even further, we’re planning to extend these pools to include certain offerings for tokens that launch directly on the DevvExchange (not just launchpad projects) as part of broader marketing campaigns. This has the potential to even further increase the volume of concurrent pools. We’re confident that with the quality and backing we have with our upcoming Platinum T1 exchange, we will have significant weight behind us to bolster the opportunities for staking DevvE in the long term.

Note again, that this APY will be claimed in native launchpad tokens and not DevvE. Also, we would like to mention that the Forevver Association will be managing these passive pools to both create a strong incentive for locking up DevvE and to also be creating longevity in the program.

Active Promotions

The Staking Promotions part of the Launchpad will also include “active” promotions as a facility for Launchpad projects to create their own native token staking pools, social media quests, engagement prizes, NFT drops, and more both during and after the launch process. All this is within a single platform where users are already engaged for the token’s launch. These promotions will be similar in nature in mechanics to what most folks in the crypto community are familiar with.

We also expect to offer additional NFT & airdrops to select DevvE staking tiers!

“Active” promotions are entirely additional to this as will be created on a case-by-case basis that’s determined by our launching partners to decide how to reward users for staking their native tokens.

Launchpad Genesis NFT drop

Soon after the platform launch, all users who choose to stake DevvE for 9 months from Tier 2 and above, will receive a once-off, free launchpad Genesis NFT. This NFT doesn’t just show off your prestige and support in the DevvE community but will offer additional utility benefits when it comes to governance operations and exclusive promotions.

*Note that our membership tier graphic indicates airdrops will not be received by T2 users, however, this is a once-off Genesis exception.

Holders of the Genesis NFT will have an open seat in the Governance discussions and input into launchpad operations. This is not an obligation but an invitation. We will also be offering exclusive deals and discounts for NFT holders — This may include a VIP tier account at the DevvExchange that offers a range of ongoing benefits.

We are aware of the trust and dedication the long-term DevvE staking community is providing to the launchpad and we will find additional ways to give back to those who believe in us the most.

The Genesis NFT promotion will close 1 month after the platform launch as it’s reserved for the earliest of our launchpad community.

Private Sales

A member who wishes to participate in a private sale must:

  1. Stake their DevvE to receive tiered membership access
  2. Fund your crypto wallet with the desired investment amount in ERC20, BSC, or Polygon currency as specified on the sale page.
  3. Register for your guaranteed allocation by identifying the full amount you are wanting to invest ($USD).
  4. Your wallet will either be deducted the full investment amount you’ve indicated or an adjusted allocation based on your tier and how oversubscribed the sale is.

Assuming the situation where all private sales receive their maximum requested allocation and there are still leftover tokens, there will be an FCFS sale for the remaining tokens that is open to all DevvE stakers with no restrictions on participation.

Public Sales

After DevvE stakers are granted their allocations of the public sale token pool, as the name suggests, the rest of these allocations will be available for public purchase. This is designed to increase the final outreach of projects to a broader audience of token holders and to kick off the post-launch marketing campaign.

The process will be similar to the Private Sales:

  1. Fund your crypto wallet with the desired investment amount in ERC20, BSC, or Polygon currency as specified on the sale page.
  2. Register for your guaranteed allocation (if applicable) by identifying the full amount you are wanting to invest ($USD).
  3. Your wallet will again either be deducted the full investment amount you’ve indicated or an adjusted allocation based on your tier and how oversubscribed the sale is.

If there are any remaining tokens from the Public Sales, they will be made available on a public FCFS basis to everybody, with no restrictions on participation.

Refund Policy

We will offer a 7-day cooling-off period for any investments on the platform if you have any cause for concern after the purchase agreement. The refund period will conclude prior to the completion of the final FCFS round to allow projects to receive full funding.


All users will need to complete KYC to comply with Crypto Asset Service Provider laws that are described in MiCA regulations.


The DevvE Launchpad offers a revolutionary platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers alike. With its innovative approach to staking, DevvE token holders not only unlock exclusive benefits but also gain access to rewards from tokens launched on the DevvExchange exchange. This unique opportunity promises enhanced returns and diversified investment portfolios.

Coupled with incentivized engagement and governance privileges through the Genesis NFT, the Launchpad empowers the DevvE community to shape the future of the blockchain landscape.

As we eagerly anticipate the platform’s launch in April 2024, the possibilities are boundless, and the journey ahead is filled with excitement and promise.

Get ready to embark on this thrilling adventure with us, as we pave the way for a new era of blockchain innovation.

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