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Empowering Innovation

DevvE Innovation Grant Shard

At The Forevver Association, we recognize the importance of fostering development and creativity. We understand the role this will play in extending the reach of our ecosystem and supporting wider growth and adoption. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of the DevvE Innovation Grant Program, aimed at empowering developers and entrepreneurs to build ground breaking business solutions in the DevvE ecosystem.


Have a blockchain idea? pitch it!

A large part of  our technical advantage is the ability for any of the 27+ million global web developers to feel confident in their ability to build a web3 application without any additional experience required. If you have a  vision that requires a market leading blockchain solution, now, with DevvE, you can execute on it.

Through the launch of the innovation grant shard, we aim to:

  • Encourage Development and Innovation: By providing support, resources, access to the  shard, and incubation we incentivize developers to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what is possible within the cryptocurrency space.
  • Foster Decentralized Applications (dApps) and Protocols: We believe in the power of decentralized applications to revolutionize various industries. Through our grant program, we aim to nurture the growth of dApps and protocols that contribute to a more decentralized and resilient future.
  • Support Scalability, Security, and Usability: As critical aspects of blockchain technology, we seek to support projects that address these challenges and contribute to making blockchain applications highly accessible and efficient for users worldwide.
  • Provide Dedicated Support: In addition to incubation assistance, we offer access to dedicated shards and support from the DevvE tech team. This hands-on guidance ensures that grant recipients have the resources and expertise they need to bring their ideas to fruition.


All you need to know

We are committing $1million to kickstart this program. Additional funding opportunities will be made available either via our network of VC’s, access to our LaunchPad or direct investment.

This funding will be allocated based on a set of criteria designed to assess project viability, innovation, alignment with our platform’s goals, and potential impact on the ecosystem.

The application process for the DevvE Grant Program is designed to be straightforward yet comprehensive. Interested project teams can submit their proposals below or via email. There will be a separate application for the quarterly Hackathons. We require detailed information about the project, including its objectives, technical specifications, timeline, team members, and budget requirements. Structured submission rounds with defined deadlines ensure that the review process is fair and efficient.

A dedicated review board, consisting of experts from relevant fields, community representatives, and project stakeholders, oversees the evaluation and selection process. We have defined clear evaluation criteria, including technical feasibility, innovation, potential impact, alignment with platform goals, and team competency. Each proposal undergoes a thorough evaluation, considering both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Ultimately, we select projects that demonstrate the highest potential for success and positive impact on the ecosystem.

To ensure accountability and transparency, we have developed a robust monitoring system to track the progress of funded projects. Grant recipients are required to provide regular progress reports and updates to the grant program administrators. Periodic reviews are conducted to evaluate the impact of funded projects on the ecosystem and identify areas for improvement.

We believe that community involvement is essential for the success of the DevvE Grant Program. Therefore, we plan to actively seek feedback from the community on project proposals and selection criteria. Community participation in the review process will be encouraged, particularly when presenting grant projects to the DevvE LaunchPad.  Additionally, we will organize events, workshops, and hackathons to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among grant recipients and the broader community.

What are you waiting for?

Submit your information

Fill in the form below with your details and a 200 word elevator pitch outlining your idea. If you are looking for inspiration please check out our recent insight regarding blockchain use cases.

Make sure you attach a Pitch Deck or PDF that provides details on the team, your experience, the target market or markets, how you’d like to leverage the blockchain and any other information you think might be relevant.

The team will then reach out to discuss the next steps and outline the process for onboarding.

Good luck.