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Unlock the power of positive change with DevvE. Our platform simplifies ESG impact investing, providing complete transparency and traceability throughout the process. By integrating with the DevvX blockchain, DevvE empowers you to make a difference, enhance accountability, and contribute to a brighter future for all.

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DevvE is the worlds fastest, smartest, most Scalable and affordable Layer 1


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The Forevver Association and DevvE team is comprised of unique individuals with the specific capabilities to deliver on our vision and promises. If you would like to join the team please reach out via the contact form.

Austin Rampt

Community & Engagement Director


Ray Quintana


DevvE Team

Davin Broadbent

Marketing and Operations

DevvE Team

Christoff Berlage

Head of Digital

DevvE Team

Ash Singh

Head of Partnerships & Marketing

DevvE Team

Belem Tamayo

Business Development

DevvE Team

Ahmet Can Gunalp


Federico Guillermo Walter


DevvE Team

Eugenio Javier Garcia De la Torre


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