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Addressing Blockchain Challenges:

20 February 2024



Addressing Blockchain Challenges:

DevvE and the DevvX Blockchain tackle major challenges in the blockchain space including interoperability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, and privacy. This makes DevvE an attractive option for businesses and developers seeking to build secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions which can easily abstract the blockchain and still leverage its enormous value-generation potential.

Payment Mechanism:

With its remarkable capability of processing 8 million transactions per second and low transaction costs, DevvE delivers a market-leading payment mechanism for various transactions, from microtransactions to large-scale financial transfers.

While the DevvE payment rails will initially focus on the ESG space, this is a subset of the

larger payments landscape. DevvE will enable the speed, throughput, low-cost and security

that represents orders of magnitude improvement over any other cryptocurrencies in existence,

while also owning blocking level patents on fraud, theft, loss, privacy, regulatory compliance and cross-jurisdictional compliance. All of this technology and IP enable a true institutional asset-class cryptocurrency. Solving the problems that have slowed global adoption of crypto to date.

Asset and Data Management on DevvX Blockchain:

DevvE utilizes the DevvX Blockchain, for managing assets and data. This opens up opportunities for a wide range of applications such as supply chain management, asset tracking, identity verification, and more, leveraging the unique sharding design and inherent architectural flexibility which can not be delivered by any other solution.

ESG Applications:

The DevvE ecosystem’s features can address complex challenges inherent in ESG issues, such as tracking carbon emissions, monitoring supply chain sustainability, ensuring fair labour practices, and promoting social responsibility. DevvE will further leverage this capability by enabling its issuer, the Forevver Association, to invest in and incubate game-changing ESG Start Ups which will in turn generate ESG impact assets which can then be sold.

Ease of Integration with Development:

DevvX’s RESTful API simplifies integration for developers, enabling them to build Web3 applications using familiar Web2 approaches. This significantly expands the potential developer base, as millions of traditional web developers can utilize the Restful API without any blockchain-specific knowledge.

This effectively makes DevvE the bridge between Web3 and Web2 unlocking the path to widespread adoption.

Rapid Development of Applications:

The DevvX API offers a range of commands for rapid development, including account management, asset creation, transaction history tracking, smart contract integration, and more. This facilitates the quick deployment of diverse applications, from decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to decentralized marketplaces.

Overall, DevvE and the DevvE ecosystem present a versatile platform with potential applications spanning payment systems, asset management, ESG solutions, and beyond. The combination of high transaction throughput, low costs, ease of integration, and robust feature set places DevvE at the front of a very short list as a viable enterprise and sovereign state level partner.

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