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Introducing Forevver

7 March 2024



DevvE is spearheaded by the Forevver Association, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. In order to provide both clarity and transparency we have produced an outline of the organizational structure of the Forevver Association and its role in managing the DevvE cryptocurrency.

The Forevver Association

The Forevver Association stands as the cornerstone of DevvE’s governance and operational framework. Established as a non-profit entity, it operates under Swiss jurisdiction, renowned for its progressive stance towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At its helm is Ray Quintana, a visionary leader guiding the association towards its objectives.

Key Details

Location: Situated at Gartenstrasse 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, the Forevver Association strategically positions itself within the heart of Europe’s crypto-friendly landscape.

Registration: Registered under the identifier CHE-346.409.594, the association complies with Swiss regulatory standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in its operations.

Purpose: The association’s primary objective is to catalyze the development of innovative, transparent, and decentralized technologies, particularly in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, impact investments and value creation. It is empowered to engage in a wide array of commercial and non-commercial activities that align with this mission, including investments in ESG projects and the management of real estate and intellectual property rights.

Date of Incorporation: Founded on 13th July 2023, the Forevver Association represents a recent but impactful addition to the Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

Intellectual Property (IP): Under a comprehensive license agreement, the Forevver Association holds exclusive rights to issue DevvE, the cryptocurrency built upon Devvio’s cutting-edge DevvX platform. This grants the association unparalleled access to the technological innovations and advancements underpinning DevvX Blockchain, ensuring the integrity and security of the DevvE ecosystem.

Partnership with Devvio

DevvE’s journey is intertwined with Devvio, a pioneering blockchain technology company. The Forevver Association and Devvio have established a robust business partnership, encompassing a license agreement for Devvio’s groundbreaking technology and a collaborative effort in managing cryptocurrencies with the DevvE token being the sole token for the DevvX Blockchain and Ecosystem.

This partnership signifies a synergy of expertise and resources, propelling DevvE towards its mission of revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape while adhering to regulatory compliance and ethical standards.

With its strategic vision, ethical framework, and robust partnerships, the Forevver Association stands as a beacon of trust and innovation within the cryptocurrency sphere. Through its stewardship, DevvE not only promises financial empowerment but also champions transparency, security, trust, adoption, and social responsibility.

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