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DevvE LaunchPad and Staking

The DevvE Launchpad offers staking opportunities exclusively for DevvE token holders, but with a unique twist: staking DevvE tokens not only unlocks membership tiers and grants access to various benefits, but our development roadmap also provisions for staking to provide rewards from tokens launching on the DevvExchange. Disclaimer: While we have made every effort to […]

How useful is a blockchain?

Blockchain technology holds a lot of inherent potential and given the current state of adoption and the technology itself, it is easy to draw a parallel between the wider adoption of internet technologies in the 1990’s and the movement toward global blockchain integration we see now. With the early internet, there were many sceptics, particularly […]

Introducing Forevver

DevvE is spearheaded by the Forevver Association, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. In order to provide both clarity and transparency we have produced an outline of the organizational structure of the Forevver Association and its role in managing the DevvE cryptocurrency. The Forevver Association The Forevver Association stands as the cornerstone of DevvE’s governance […]

Introducing the DevvExchange

The world of cryptocurrency exchanges has been plagued with issues like fraud, manipulation, and lack of regulatory compliance. The infamous collapse of FTX in 2022 highlighted the need for an innovative solution that combines the best aspects of centralized (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Enter DevvExchange, a groundbreaking platform that promises to revolutionize the crypto […]

Introducing the DevvE LaunchPad

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, the journey from project inception to successful launch is fraught with challenges. Recognizing the need for a robust ecosystem that supports high-quality projects, DevvE is proud to unveil its latest initiative The DevvE Launchpad. Leveraging our legal framework, advisory prowess, and strategic marketing arm, DevvE Launchpad aims to empower […]